Best Casino Withdrawal Options to Utilise

As soon as you make the decision to play real money casino games at any casino site, you are going to have to make the decision of just which payment options you wish to use, and it is often the case then when making a deposit and then playing, if you wish to cash out any winnings the casino will pay you those winnings via the banking option you made a deposit by. 

So, if you use one of the more convenient banking options that often incur no additional fees and charges such as using a debit card, then when making a withdrawal at a casino the casino will credit you back your winnings to the bank account linked up to your debit card. 

In fact, using a debit card is one method we would advise any player to consider using, due to the fact you are very rarely going to be forced to pay fee and charges on either deposits or withdrawals. However, it can take a few days occasionally for your winnings to show up in your bank account once the casino has processed them. 

There are several other banking options you will find available to you when playing at an online or mobile casino site and we will now give you an overview of each of them, so you can decide whether they are going to be suitable to you and will allow you to benefit from rapid winning payouts.  

One final thing to be are of before we do look at those other withdrawal options is that each casino can have their own payout times, and as a player you will be best advised to track down the casinos that do offer the fastest cash outs! 

withdrawal options

Web Wallets and E-Wallets 

There are now so many different companies offering a web or e-wallet type service you really do have a large number of them at your disposal, so if you do enjoy playing any type of slot machines and want to play them online or via a mobile gaming platform for real money using a web or e-wallet then you are going to be very easily able to do so! 

However, some web and e-wallets such as Paypal only let some to their customers who are living in certain countries make gambling site deposits and receive gambling sites winnings to and from their accounts, so one thing you will have to check is whether you are permitted to use your Paypal account to gamble with. 

There are other web and e-wallets available such as Skrill and Neteller to name but two more of them, and the main benefit of using such a service is that you can keep your bankroll away from your day to day living expenses and out of your bank account. 

When you do request a withdrawal at any online or mobile casino site that will allow you to withdraw money using an e-wallet or web wallet you will find as soon as the casino site processes those winnings they are immediately available in your e-wallet or web wallet account. In fact, some casino sites now offer instant payouts to web and e-wallet users

Bank Wires and Bank Transfers 

Another option that you can choose to use to get paid out your winnings by an online or mobile casino site is by requesting they pay you into your bank account using a bank wire or bank transfer. 

Those types of withdrawals will often see you being forced to pay a small service charge to the casino and often the amount you withdraw will be reduced by the banks who have acted as intermediaries when moving those winnings from bank to bank before they final hit and land in your bank account. 

However, if you play a progressive type of slot machine and win big then this is likely to be the withdrawal option you will want to get paid out by, for often there is no limit on how much you can be sent out by a bank wire or bank transfer and if you have just won big you will not be too bothered at the services fees and charges you have to pay! 

There is however one slight downside when it comes to getting paid out your winnings by a bank wire or a bank transfer and that is that it can take many days for the winnings once sent to finally land in your bank account. 

As such, if you do make a withdrawal by this type of method you will need to be prepared to wait several days to get paid or even longer if there is a weekend or any public holidays coming up! 

Money Transfers 

If you live in one of the many countries of the world that has not yet fully embraced online gaming then you can often find it is very hard to find a casino that will give you access to a range of different withdrawal options. 

Many casinos will for example give their US based players the option of both making a deposit and also cashing out their winnings by Western Union or some other type of money transfer service. 

In fact, you will find that casinos offer lots of high valued bonuses to players to get them to make a deposit using a money transfer service, and often they are going to give you a bonus equal to the amount of cash you had to pay to make that money transfer too! 

However, the fees charged for using such a service to transfer money into or out of a casino can be huge and will always make a dint in your bankroll and winnings if you are forced to pay them. Plus, it tends to be casino sites that are not fully licensed or regulated that tend to offer this type of deposit and withdrawal option but you are best off never playing at any casino that is not licensed!


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