Casinos Making it Easier to Locate Slot RTP Information

There is one vital piece of information that you as an avid slot player should be looking out for no matter which type of slot game you enjoy playing the most and that is the long term expected payout percentage each slot machine has been designed to payout to players.

RTP or Return to Player is displayed as a percentage, and will give you an indication as to amount of your stakes a slot machine is going to pay out to players over the long term, and as such the general rule of thumb for any slot player is to ensure they only play those slots boasting the very highest of RTP’s!

However, knowing where to look to find that information has always been regarded as difficult and something of a closely guarded secret by online slot game designers and suppliers and the operators of online casino sites as they have always classed it as need to know information that could be useful to their competitors!

Thanks to some recent legislation in some countries of the world, casinos that are licensed by certain Gaming Commissions are now legally required to display somewhere on their website or on their slot machines the exact long term expected payout percentage of every single slot machine they have on offer, and as such finding that information is now much easier!where?

Below we will give you an overview of the likely places to look to discover whether any slot games on offer to you at any online casino site are going to be potentially higher paying slots by virtue of their respective RTP’s or lower paying slots!

Pay Tables – The most obvious place you can look for the payout percentages on offer on any slot game is the actual pay table of the slot you are playing. We have found however that it is often on the last page of the pay table that you will find that information, so make sure you scroll through all of the pages of any slots pay table in search for that all important information!

Help Files – Some slot game designers such as Playtech for example will make the RTP information freely available to players however you will need to open up and read through the help files attached to their range of slot machines to find out that information.

Whilst that may be time consuming it is certainly worth doing as that way you will be able to compare the RTP’s on several different slots and will be able to determine just which ones are the best ones to play based on the payout percentage you discover that each slot has been set to payout over the long term.

Casino Website – One final place to look when you are searching for the long term expected payout percentage son a range of different slots is on the website of the casino you are playing at.

In fact, when a casino does list all of their slot and other casino game RTP information on their website that does make looking up the better paying slots a lot easier as you will not have to open up each slot to look through the pay tables or on the help files!

Average Payout Percentages

You may be wondering what the average payout percentage that online slot games have been set to return to players. You will find that the vast majority of slots available online come with payout percentages that have been set around the 94% to 96% ranges.

However, there are some much lower paying slots and we have found those tend to be the progressive slot games, so if you are a fan of playing hose types of slots then always pay careful attention to just what the payout percentages have been set to as some could be as low as 88% or even lower!

There are of course some slots that have higher than average payout percentages, and with some hunting around you will find a small number of slots offering RTP’s that can be as high as 98% or higher, so it will always pay dividends for you to track down and stick to playing those slot games!

Always do however keep in mind that the payout percentage you will achieve over any one given slot playing session can and will vary greatly, so even on a slot with a low RTP you could, with some luck in playing achieve a single session RTP of well over 100%!

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