How Do Online Slot Machine Compare to Land Based Slots

Slot players the world over have a huge range of different places at which they can play slot machines. Even if there are no casinos or even amusement arcades or gaming centres or betting shops and offices close by where you live you can always play them online. Whilst online gaming has really taken of […]

How to Tailor Your Own Slot Playing Experience

The beauty of playing some of the much more modern slot machines is that they tend to offer a range of different option settings that allow you to put into play a much more personalised type of playing experience. You will of course find that when playing older styled slot machines, such as classic and […]

Making Sense of Slot Machine Payout Percentages

The payout percentage of a slot machine is the amount of cash you play through it that will be returned to you as winning payouts. You will often find that the payout percentage is referred to as the RTP of a slot machine which simply means Return to Player. That information can sometimes be displayed […]

Who or What Ensures Slot Machines Are Fair and Random?

The amount of play time, fun and entertainment value you get out of playing slot machines in any playing environment is going to determine just how you feel when you have finished any slot playing session. If you have just spent a small fortune playing any slot machine and you didn’t get any or many […]