The Complete Guide to Playing Slot Machines

Some of the most exciting games you can play in any gaming environment are of course slot machines. With most casino sites and venues often offering hundreds of such games, you are always going to be spoilt for choice in regards to which ones you can play.

However, long gone have the days when you simply inserted a coin into the coin slot and pulled the handle on the side of a slot machine, and then watched as the reels spun and finally came to a stop to find out whether you had won or lost!

Today’s modern slot machines can take quite some getting used to, and it is with that in mind we have compiled our complete guide to playing slot machines that we invite you to read through.

A good place to start is our informative article that will explain to you the inner workings of slot machines and will give you a much clearer insight into how they have been designed and how they operate too.

When you do first start to play slot machines you are going to notice they all come with their own unique slot game themes, and you will also find a range of different slots offering different playing structures too.

There are of course lots of facts and figures that slot players are always going to find of interest, and with that in mind our guides that reveal when slot game bonus games are likely to trigger and how to understand payout percentages are going to be of great interest to most players.

It is the chance of winning a life changing jackpot that can lure in many a slot player, and as such make sure you know how often progressive slot jackpots get won, as by doing so you will stand a much greater chance of spotting a progressive jackpot awarding slot that many just be about to payout its jackpot!

Locating Slot Machines That Suit Your Playing Style

Many slot players tend to behave like sheep when wandering round a casinos gaming floor, and will tend to play slot machines that other players tend to make a beeline to play too.

As such you are always going to find some slots are much more popular with players than others, and usually they are the very latest slot games to hit a gaming floor or to be added to an online or mobile casinos gaming platform.

It can also be the variance slot games offer that will attract a player to play some types of slots, and you do need to be aware of how the variance of any slot machine can and will affect the way it plays and pays.

Some slot players can also acquire something of a sixth sense in regards to spotting slot machines that are due to pay out, but they will always play slot machines for a suitable stake level to ensure they get the maximum playing value out of their bankroll.

It may also be beneficial to enter slot tournaments when playing in a brick and mortar casino or at some of the many online casinos that now have them on offer, for such competitions offer a low or even risk free way of winning some huge cash prizes!

Configuring Slot Machines

One aspect of playing slot machines that you may blissfully be unaware of is that you can often utilize player adjustable option settings to allow you to optimize the way you play slot machines, and have a much more enjoyable gaming session.

As most slots offer different playing structures you can often decide whether to play with just a few pay-lines in play or a huge number of pay lines activated per spin and can also play around the with coin value settings too.

That does of course result on you being able to play slot machines for any stake level, and you are always going to be guaranteed of finding plenty of slots that suit your bankroll.

Get the Maximum Slot Playing Value

There will be lots of bankroll boosting slot bonuses when you play slot games online, however land based casinos are often famed for giving their regular players free slot play, so no matter where you choose to play there are going to be plenty of slot related promotions waiting to be claimed.

Also be aware many places that you can play slot machines at will award you with slot game comp points and the more you play the more extras you will be able to claim with your accumulated points.

As more and more casinos, both online and land based ones, now let their players know just how high (or in some cases just how low) their slot machine payout percentages are, you will then be able to decide for yourself just which slot playing environment will suit you best, and which slots will be offering you the very highest paybacks.

It can often be the case though that higher stake slot machines payout more over the long term than slots which can be played for example for pennies. 

That may not however always be the case, so always make a point of finding out which are the higher paying slots wherever you choose and prefer to play, as by doing so you will then get more play time and more winning spins over you long term play!

One final thing to always be aware of no matter in which playing environment you do choose to play and that is to only play slot machines that have been certified as being completely random fair and true!

Fortunately, thanks to the Gaming Commissions and Gaming Authorities that oversee and license casinos in all environments having evolved and having put into place some very strict licensing requirements, very noticeably over the last decade or so, you are highly unlikely to come across any slot machines that are anything less than 100% random!

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