Do New Online Slots Have Higher RTP’s?

As soon as experienced slot players see one or more brand new slot games being wheeled out onto a land based casinos gaming floors those savvy slot players will make a beeline to play those slots. For it is often the case the casinos have chosen to increase the payout percentages on those slots whilst the slots are bedding in.

One of the main reasons the payout percentages will be increased on those slots is to give players more play time from their bankrolls and to also allow them to get used to playing the slots. However, as sure as night follows day once the new slots have been on the gaming floors for a few days the casinos will then lower the RTP’s to the ones those slot will be offering for the rest of their working lives!rtp

You may therefore be wondering are online slot machines going to be set to return some much higher payout percentages once they become available at online casino sites. However, that is sadly something that is not possible at the majority of online casinos as the operators of those casinos have no control what so ever in regards to the RTP’s each slot game has been set.

So if you do ever come across any new slot games available at an online or for that matter mobile casinos site then the payout percentages attached and on offer on those new slot games are always going to be the same irrespective of how long they have been available to online players.

Which Casinos Can Adjust Their Slot Game RTP’s?

Whilst playing at any online casino sites that have their respective slot game RTP’s set in stone is going to ensure you always get a fair and reasonable chance of winning, much more so if you do stick to playing the slots with the higher payout percentages, you do need to be aware that some casinos are able to adjust their slot machine RTP’s!

One company we do know who supply slot and casino games to quite a number of different casino sites is Real Time Gaming or RTG as they are also known, and the operators of those casinos can request one of three different payout percentages to be in place on many of their available slots.

The long term expected payout percentages that can be chosen for a range of different RTG slot machines are 91%, 95% and 97.5%.

So one thing you will need to be 100% sure of when playing at any casino using Real Time Gaming software is that the casino you have chosen to play at is offering the highest possible payout percentages on their slots or you could end up playing at a casino with some lower than average RTP’s attached to their slot games!

There is a reason apart from greed why any RTG software powered online casino site may have chosen to attach the lowest possible payout percentages to their slot games and that is that many casinos using RTG slots tend to give out some very high valued deposit match bonuses and offer them on an ongoing basis.

So you will have to judge for yourself would you rather play at an online casino offering huge deposit match type bonuses but with slots offering lower than average payout percentage or would you prefer to play at a casino with average or above average payout percentages that do not tend to offer as many high valued bonus offers to their players.

If you are the type of slot player who rarely if ever takes casino bonuses then you should avoid playing at any casino using RTG software and instead play at a casino site offering other suppliers slot machines that have much higher payout percentages!

In fact, one thing you should never do is to be swayed by the size of any casino bonus offers, and we are finding that more and more players have chosen to never claim any type of casino bonus as that way they are never going to have their deposits and bankroll tied up into any type of play through requirements, maximum cash out rules and will be able to play the slots they want to play for their own chosen stake levels too.

One way you can pick up additional extras based on your level of real money action on online slot machines is by signing up to a casino that offers real money comps to their players, so keep that in mind if you are opposed to claiming bonuses!

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