Who or What Ensures Slot Machines Are Fair and Random?

The amount of play time, fun and entertainment value you get out of playing slot machines in any playing environment is going to determine just how you feel when you have finished any slot playing session.

If you have just spent a small fortune playing any slot machine and you didn’t get any or many winning combinations spinning in and never triggered or rarely triggered any additional bonus games or bonus features on that session you can often feel quite annoyed, peeved off or even angry!

One thing that can often go through a slot players mind when they are experience a bad run of luck is whether the slot machines they have chosen to play, but have had not much luck on, are fair and random, or whether they have been rigged not to pay anything out!

Whilst there have been come instances since slot machines first started to appear in all playing environments of operators rigging them to not pay out or payout very little, thanks to Gaming Commission and Licensing Authorities that now oversee and regulate slot machine operators you are highly unlikely to ever play a slot that is not anything less than 100% random and fair.

It is however the fact that slot machines are completely random games of chance that you do need to be aware of, and often it is when you are least expecting a bug jackpot payout on such gaming machines that you will win one.

Another thing to keep in mind when playing any type of slot machine is that it is going to be the stake levels you play them for in regards to the value of your bankroll that will determine just how many spins you can play off.

So always try and put into play a stake that equates well to your bankroll, for the lower the stake you play for the more spins you will then get to play off, any of which could turn out to be high paying spins!

Gaming Commissions and Licensing Authorities require the designers of any slot machines made available in casino venues and sites licensed by them to prove their slots are completely random.

As such when a slot machine has been designed it will then be handed over to a third party games testing company who will put that machine through its paces, and often double check the source code to ensure that it plays and pays in exactly the way it has been designed.

Only once a slot machine has been verified and fully certified as being completely random, fair and true will it then be wheeled out onto a casino gaming floor or made available in the software of an online or mobile casino site.

In fact, some online and mobile casino sites have gone one step further to give their players complete peace of mind that there slot machines and other casino games are fair and random.

What those casinos will do is have their gaming logs inspected each month by a third party auditing company, who will then verify the payout percentages each category of game achieved each month. The result of that audit is often displayed on a casinos website via a payout percentage certificate.

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