Equating Slot Machine Stake Levels to Your Bankroll

Your bankroll is what is always going to determine just how long you are going to be able to play slot machines for, and can often dictate just which slots you can play too.

You will ideally be looking to get not only as long a slot playing session as you can, but also plenty of thrill and spills and of course as many winning opportunities as you can no matter whether you are a low roller or a high rolling slot player.

Therefore the following slot playing guide will be worth reading through, much more so if your slot playing bankroll never seems to last very long! Below we will be enlightening you on the importance of equating your stakes to your gambling bankroll when you get the urge to spin some slot machine reels in any playing environment!

When you set about playing any slot machines that have a bonus game on offer, whether that is a set of free games, a wheel spinning bonus game or a good old fashioned type of pick and win bonus game the way in which those bonus games are triggered needs to be factored into the stakes you play them for.

For example, if a wheel spinning or pick and win or even a pick and match type of bonus game is triggered by a set of bonus symbols that will only trigger those types of bonus games when they land on an activated pay line, you do need to ensure every single pay line is activated.

What we have found is that most of those types of slots offering such a bonus game often trigger them on average when you have played off somewhere between 75 and 100 base game spins.

As such the best strategy to adopt when playing such slots is to divide up your available bankroll by between 75 and 100 and then use that figure as your unit stake amount. But also ensuring that unit stake level allow you to put into play every single pay line the slot has on offer to you!

Failing to put into play all of the available pay lines on optional pay line slots will dramatically reduce your chances of spinning in the bonus game awarding reel symbols on those pay lines that you do have in play.

Video slot machines on which free games are on offer call for a much longer number of base game spins to be played off on average, before those free games do get awarded to you!

As such try and ensure your bankroll is split up into a unit stake that allow you to play off around 150 base game spins, as you are much more likely to trigger the free games when putting into play that number of base game spins.

You will of course often experience some slot playing sessions when the bonus games and bonus features trigger much more frequently that they usually are set to do, which is all part and parcel of the fun and excitement of playing slots! But never over-stake each spin, for it will only take a bad run of luck for your bankroll to then be diminished or eaten away completely!

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