Gamble Responsibly

In this site, we dedicate our times educating our readers about how to play slots online. Online slots are played for different reasons, and the most important among them is for fun and enjoyment that come with it. When you play slots online, it is imperative that you do so responsibly. Slot playing turns into different things to different people. For the majority of players, it is an exciting hobby and entertaive, and dangerous.

If you believe that your devotion to online slot games is getting out of hand, or that it is separating you from your relations, we have the solutions for you here. We have important resources, which can assist you in understanding the problem better. We can even help you when that becomes necessary. It remains our desire and commitment to providing a responsive and a safe playing environment for the benefit of our readers. We believe that this is going to help you not only in playing slots on this website, but also in playing it elsewhere.

Understanding the problem

We do not see anything wrong with somebody becoming an occasional gambler. In the same way, there is nothing wrong with someone betting on huge sums on a regular basis. These do not make someone a problem gambler. It is possible that those we classify as occasional slot players who stake only on low sums can have disorders. This depends on the behaviors they exhibit during the game.

Various groups including professional associations have various criteria for recognizing, observing, as well treating gambling disorders. This is the criteria used by the American Psychiatric Association. You can find this in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-S.

A problem gambler would gamble with higher amounts of money to get the required joy from playing slot games.
Any attempts to stop such persons from continuing playing the game, or to reduce the amount they spend in the game irritate them and make the restless.

Attempts for them to stop playing the games or cut down on the money they spend have always failed.
Such persons are always gambling most of their time.

To such people, gambling can be a way of dealing with such challenges like distress and feelings.
When they lose, they will chase those losses. They believe that betting more will help them to recover the money they have already lost.

They do not tell their relations about their gambling habit in order to conceal their behavior.

Because of their betting activities they have lost their relationships with loves ones, lost their educational opportunities, and even their jobs.

To cover their financial obligations, they always rely on other people for help, and that is after they have lost their earnings through the game.

If someone exhibits, one or two of the conditions above, it may not be a threat, but if someone is exhibiting many of these habits, then there is every need to worry. If four of the criteria above are met, then the gambling obsession can be described as mild. When six of the conditions are present, then it is assumed a moderate disorder. When it is eight or more than that, it is a severe disorder.

If unsure of the stages you are, or whether the diagnostics provided above affect you, there are still other resources that can help you. Several professional bodies provide self-assessments like the one offered here.

Seeking Help

If you have a gambling problem or that you have a relation who has such a problem, know that it can actually be treated just the way several other diseases can be treated and patients are cured. Many jurisdictions, which have legal gaming also put a system in place that assists the people, especially those in need of help. Even where such resources are not available, several trained professionals are around to assist such persons suffering from gambling problems.
If you want an immediate solution to this problem or you want to talk to someone about it, several countries, and states have a hotline in place, and these can assist you with the required resources, information, as well as directions. Usually such hotlines are often free, and it is available any time of the day, and any of the week. You can contact them anytime you want.
Many people suffering from the problem look for professional help groups, and they can discuss their problems with these professional groups. They are helped to go through their probare helped to go through their problems with other patients or former patients.

Gamblers Anonymous, as well as Bettor Anonymous are two free and popular organizations. These associations organize meetings across the globe. In the same way, Gam-Ano is another group and they are out to offer help for family members of those who are suffering from gambling problems.

If you still require further assistance, you can look for clinician who specialises in treating such problems, and other related disorders. Moreover, there are other options such as outpatient treatment option. The government often helps those who cannot afford the cost of the treatment.

If you are not sure if you have attained to the situations described above, or that you have reached the situation where you are not sure of your ability to control your desire to bet, even when it is certain that you cannot afford the cost, you can put yourself to the self-exclusion lists. This can stop you from indulging in the game even when you have the urge to do so.

In many local jurisdictions, casinos provide lists that can stop you from entering the casinos all times and for defined period. In the same way, online sites make it possible for you to exclude you from such games. In jurisdiction where such activity is regulated, an agency that superintends internet gaming provide lists that stop you from playing the game on licensed sites.
If you think that you are a compulsive gambler, or you have a relation who is, we urge you to look for help. It is our assumption that the resources we have provided here would assist you. Remember to play responsibly both in land based as well as online casinos.