Gambling Compliance and Casino Game Testing Companies

If you are ever in the frame of mind to sit down and play a range of different casino games or for that matter any online games of chance then it is of course very important that you ensure beyond any doubt that the games you will be accessing and playing for real money are 100% fair and random too.

You should never leave that aspect of gambling online to chance for over the years there have been many companies who have been found to be offering players a range of games that have been gaffed, faulty or they were not fair or random at all.

There are only a handful of ways that as a player you are going to be able to guarantee that you are accessing fair and random game online, the first is by playing only at casino and other gambling sites that hold a full and valid gambling license that has been issued by a Gambling Commission or Gaming Authority that has some high standards in place that all of their license holders are required to adhere to.

Many such license holders are required to prove to their gambling licence issuer that there games have been certified and independently verified as being fair and random, and will also require to have their random number generators that control all of their games are regular certified too as being completely random and beyond reproach.

The other way that as a player you will be assured of accessing fair and random games is by playing at casino sites whose games and gaming platforms have been certified as being fair game of chance by a third party company that is industry recognised.

With that in mind in this guide we are going to be introducing you to a range of different companies and organizations that offer a range of game certification services and also offer a range of additional services that will give you complete peace of mind that any game you play that have been certified by the following companies are fair, random and true games of chance.

SQS – SQS are a software testing company who have been in business since the early 1980’s they specialise in testing software platforms to ensure they operate exactly as they have been designed to do and cannot be manipulated in any way.

Their current and past list of clients is very impressive and once they have fully certified any companies software and gaming platforms those companies can be confident that they meet the quality, fairness, and regulatory standards as demanded by many online gambling license issuers the world over.

e-COGRA – The e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation or e-COGRA organisations as they are known offer quite a number of services to online casino site owners and operators.

They offer many services to their clients include one which sees the random number generators at those sites are annually certified and being completely random, fair and true and they also offer online and mobile casinos site a monthly audit, which once performed sees those casino sites being issued with a payout percentage verification certificate.

That certificate lists each casino’s game grouping’s respective actual RTP for each month and also gives an overall RTP of those casinos entire suite of games. So players are above to see just how high or just how low each game grouping has paid out to players as a percentage of the stakes wagers and the payouts achieved on all games available at those fully audited casino sites.

iTech Labs – It is in Australia that iTech Labs are based and you are going to find their casino game certification logo proudly displayed on many online and mobile casinos websites.

This company ensures that the random number generators that determine the outcome of each game played are fair and always churning out random numbers and they also ensure the games perform exactly how they have been designed to in regards to the payout offers on those games and the expected long term RTP’s too.

Technical Systems Testing – If you ever see the Technical Systems Testing logo which is often simply shortened to TST on any casino website that is your assurance that every single game on offer at that site is 100% fair and random.

TST have been in business since the early 1990’s and are one of the most respected and reputable casino and other games of chance testing companies in the world. That is probably why more casino sites have had their games tested by TST than any other company!

Gaming Laboratories International – A very large team work seamlessly behind the scenes at Gaming Laboratories International or GLI as they are also known, and those employees are tasked with ensure that every single game they have been commissioned to test and verify performs in exactly the way it has been designed.

They only put their seal of approval on games of chance that have passed each stage of their verification and testing procedure, which does take some time to fully perform but ensures players like you are always 100% confident the games they are playing are completely fair and random too.

Gaming Associates – There are two main services offered by Gaming Associates the first is to verify independently the fairness and randomness of a range of different casino, bingo and poker games and to also protect players and poker site operators by offering systems that can quickly and seamlessly detect player collusion too.

NMi – NMi offer both online and land based casinos a range of different game certification services and with offices in many different countries of the world they are recognised by a great many land based and online gaming license issuers and gambling Commissions too.

BMM Test Labs – One final company that has been in business for many decades now and one that is respected the world over for their game fairness certification services is BMM Test Labs, they offer both land based and online casino site operators the peace of mind in knowing their games are operating in line with the way they have been designed and structured which also ensures players are confident the games they are accessing in any playing environment are fair and random too.