Do Higher Denomination Slot Machines Payout More?

A hand pay as they are known is what many slot players will be hoping to win when playing slot machines in a brick and mortar casino, and that is a high valued winning payout that is over $1200 in value.

However, one important thing to keep in mind is that it is not only the stakes that you are playing for but also the types of slot machines you choose to play that will ultimately determine what you chances are of winning big!

One question many slot players will therefore want to know is just which slots and what stake levels they are going to have to play for to win a huge jackpot or a fairly large valued base game winning payout or bonus game payout.

But be aware that it is also going to be dependent on where you choose to play slot machines that can directly affect your winning chances over the long term!

Take for example when you play in a land based casino, it is something of a fairly open secret that the slot machines in those venues will have different long term expected payout percentages, and it is often going to be the case that the higher the denomination of coins and the higher stakes you play those slot games for will see you then getting the highest possible payout percentages.

As such, if you do intend to play in a land based casino you will be best off playing slots which come with for example $1 coin value settings rather than playing penny slots, as the payout percentages may just be higher on the $1 fixed coin slot machines.

However, if you tend to play at most online and mobile casino sites that is not going to be the case, for those types of casino sites tend to offer their players slot machines on which the payout percentages are not increased in value when playing for high coin values or for higher stakes!

In fact, what you will often find at such sites is that all of the long term expected payout percentages are displayed somewhere on their websites or somewhere on each individual slot such as on the pay tables or help files, so locating that important information is much easier at such a site than when you play at a local land based casino!

You may be wondering if you are going to have the chance of winning much higher valued jackpots when paying progressive slot machines for high stakes, and once again it will be determined by just which progressive slot machines you do play in regards to just how much you can win.

There are a growing number of such slots which offer players huge jackpot payouts that could turn you into an instant millionaire that you can play for lots of different staking options and still have a fair and reasonable chance of winning those once in a lifetime and life changing jackpots!

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