Maximizing Your Slot Playing Bankroll Using Bonuses


Playing in a brick and mortar casino is going to see you earning comp points, and often as a regular player, the casinos you tend to play at the most will send you out all manner of different promotional offers such as slot play, free rooms and even exclusive invitations to slot tournaments.

However, when you play slots online there are going to be plenty of high valued promotional offers available to you too. You will course find most casino sites offer some form of loyalty or rewards scheme, which depending on your level of play will see you earning playing credits.

But one thing that such sites offer their new and existing players what no land based slot player is ever going to be offered are slot related bonuses, which can and do come in all manner of different shapes and sizes!

To help anyone who is fairly new and inexperienced at playing slots in the online or for that matter online playing environments, below we will walk you through the many different types of bonuses you are going to find no shortages of when you choose to switch over to play online or mobile slot games in a real money playing environments.

No risk bonuses are what often lure huge numbers of slot players into trying out and signing up to most casino sites and the most readily available types of no rick bonuses offer are known as no deposit bonuses.

However, they can come in many different forms, the most basic of which is a no deposit required set of bonus credits which are added to your account when you sign up and first log into your casino account.

You will then be required to play with those bonus credits until such a time that you have achieved the play through requirements attached to such bonuses and have also fulfilled all of the other playing requirements of those bonuses, at which stage you can then cash out any winnings you have achieved.

Many casino sites give free slot spins to their players, and as such when you make use of such a bonus you will have to play off your free slot game spins, winnings achieved when doing so are added to your casino account as bonus credits which will then come with all manner of rules and terms and condition attached to them.

Probably the most generous types of casino bonuses that most slot players are going to be eager to make use of are deposit match bonuses.

You will be required to fund your account with cash to claim such bonuses but as you are prepared to put your own money at risk as opposed to getting a no risk bonus such as the two mentioned above, deposit match bonuses are often much more generous in their design.

A few things to look out for when claiming such a bonus is those offering the highest percentage of your deposit that will be matched with bonus credits will see you getting more bonus credits obviously, but always make sure there are going to be no high play through requirements or cash out limits in place when claiming such a bonus!


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