More Casinos Offering Slot Race Promotions

You are likely to come across a number of online casinos that will be offering you access to something known as a slot race promotion, as they are proving to be very popular with players and do give avid slot fans the chance of winning some large amounts of cash online.

However, you may never have come across such a promotion before and as such we thought it would be beneficial to take a look at how they are structured and how you will be able to take part in them. With that in mind please read on as below you will find a step by step guide on how a slot race promotion works!

Opting In – For all intents and purposes any online casino offering their players a slot race promotion is holding a real money slot tournament, however one thing you will need to do to take part in any you come across is to opt

You will usually find somewhere on a casinos website or once you are logged into their gaming platform a section in the promotions menu where you can opt into any promotions you wish to take part in, and that will entail you entering your account name and then clicking OK in the box indicated.

Deposit – Once you have opted into a casinos slot race you will then be required to make a deposit. One thing that does differ in regards to this type of promotion and a more standard slot tournament is that you will be playing with your own real money funds and will not be required to play an entry fee to take part in a slots race.

Play – There may be a number of different slots or even just one single slot that you will be able to play during the allocated start and finishing time of any slot race, and as such once you have opted in and then funded your casino account you simply then have to start playing that slot with your own funds.

Score – As you are playing the slot or slots attached to any slot race you will be earning a score based on just how much you have wagered on that slot or those slots. The way in which a casino will allocate points is based purely on the number of comp points you earn over the duration of the race.

Prizes – At the end of the slots race the casino will then check the number of comp points awarded to all players who opted into the promotion and then will allocate the cash or bonus prizes to the players who managed to score the highest number of points.

During the slot race many casinos will have a Leaderboard available on their website which will show you which are currently the highest scoring players and the number of points they have so far earned.

Keep in mind however that the players who do tend to win these types of slot playing competitions are those with the biggest bankrolls, as they are the most likely to be able to play slot games for longer periods of time with their bankrolls which in turn will see them earning many points!

Alternatives to Slot Races

The most obvious alternatives to an online casino slot races are slot tournaments, and what you will find is that there are certain type of gaming platforms supplied by certain different companies that allow the operators of those casino sites to offer a range of different slot tournaments.

When playing at for example a downloadable Microgaming powered casino site or a downloadable Real Time Gaming casino you will often find a large and varied range of slot tournaments available to you.

In fact, it would be worth checking out some of the casinos that do use those two different gaming platforms as many of the daily slot tournaments offer real money prize or bonus credits as their prizes but the slot tournaments are completely free to enter.

However, if you do want to take part in some mega paying slot tournaments then those that are going to be offering by far and away the highest cash prizes as those which will require you to pay a small entry fee to take part in them.

For more information on slot races and slot tournaments and when they are being held please take a look over any of our featured casinos websites for a full schedule of all up and coming ones!

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