Odds of Winning a Slot Machine Jackpot Revealed

It may often surprise a casual slot player the actual odds of winning a jackpot, however it will always be dependent on the type of slots you play online that will ultimately determine the odds of you spinning in the highest paying winning combination as listed on any slot machines pay table!

What we have therefore done is to dissect the reel strips on a range of online slot games and below you will find listed a range of different slots all of which you can play online, and alongside each of them we will be revealing the exact odds of you winning the jackpot on each of them.odds

The way in which this data was worked out was by working out just how many jackpot symbols are on each reel strip and then working out how many other reel symbols are on each reel strip and then doing the mathematics involved in determining the true odds of winning each slot games jackpot.

As each slot listed below is completely random you could win any of their respective jackpots on any spin you play off, however be aware that the more paylines you activate the more chance you will have of winning a jackpot on each of the slots!

Harvey’s Slot – You will need to have spun in all five of the Wild symbols when playing the Harvey’s online slot game to be awarded with the jackpot payout. That jackpot is valued at 2000 coins for every coin per payline wagered.

When paying all 25 lines per spin the true odds of the five wild symbols lining up on any one single payline is 2,324,005 to 1, so if you are every lucky enough to spin in the jackpot then you have defied some very high odds!

Cashville Slot – One slot game available to online slot players that does boast one of the largest fixed coin jackpots is the Cashville slot, you will find this slot machine available at online casino sites that utilise the Microgaming software platforms.

Much like the slot above it is the five wild symbols that must form on any activated payline for you to be awarded with the 50,000 coin jackpot which could be a much higher valued jackpot if you decide to play more than one coin per line. However, the odds on spinning in that jackpot paying winning combination are actually very reasonable when you play all of this pay lines, working out at 930,892 to 1!

Tally Ho Slot – It is the potentially huge paying free spins bonus feature game that attracts many slot players to give the Tally Ho slot machine plenty of play time online and in addition to the free spins you could win a quite reasonable 10,000 coin jackpot for each coin wagered on any activated payline.

However, the odds of you winning hat jackpot when playing each of this slots 9 optional pay lines are huge at some 3,959,999 to 1, so unless you are very lucky that jackpot paying winning combination could take quite a while to spin in!

Secret Admirer Slot – If you thought the odds on winning the above slot games jackpot are huge wait until we reveal the odds of you lining up all five of the jackpot paying symbols on the Secret Admirers slot game!

This slot also has 9 optional pay lines, however for you to have the best chances of winning when playing it you should always put into live play and activated all of those nine payline, as when you do so your chance of winning the jackpot by spinning in five wild symbol on any of those nine lines are 6,097,777 to 1. For reference the jackpot payout is worth 5000 coin for each coin per line wagered.

Major Millions Slot – You may be tempted to play a progressive jackpot slot if you come across one boasting a huge sized jackpot, and as such let us finally give you an insight into the true odds of you winning a progressive jackpot when playing the 15 payline Major Million’s slot which is another Microgaming designed and supplied slot.

One thing to be aware of when playing this slot is that you can only win the progressive jackpot by getting all five jackpot symbols lining up on payline number 15 so all of the paylines do need activating! The odds when playing all 15 paylines of you winning progressive jackpot are 7,484,399 to 1!

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