How to Spot Slot Machines about to Payout

It can be mission impossible when you are on the hunt to play slot machines and slot games that may be about to payout, for with each slot being random you could end up playing one that will eat up your bankroll at a lightning pace of knots!

However, the more experienced you do become at playing slot machines the more likely you are to discover quite a few ways of being able to spot one or more slots, no matter in which playing environment you choose to play them at, that may give you a much better chance of winning when you do set about playing them.

In this article we are going to be looking at a few ways that you may be able to increase your chances of spotting a slot machine that may just be about to payout. Whist there are no guarantees you will win it is always worth knowing how other players do select the slots they play when those players do have vast experience of playing!

Let us start off by giving you some idea of which slot machines to be on the lookout for when in a land based casino venue.

The slots that are guaranteed to payout sooner rather than later in those types of venues are always going to be the slots that have guaranteed hit by jackpots that are very close to their guaranteed hit by amount.

Those types of slots will offer one or more progressive jackpots that grow in value when you play off each spin, depending on the stakes you are playing for.

By selecting one that is very close to its guaranteed hit by payout amount you will then win that jackpot much sooner than you ever would playing such a slot that has just paid out its jackpot or a series of jackpots!

Some online and mobile casino sites have a range of slot playing tools that you can make use of to determine just which slots are possibly about to pay out or currently are doing.

Take for example casinos that utilize the Microgaming software platforms of have their range of slot machines on offer. When you log into such a site and scroll through the slot game menu you will find each slot has something known as a Jackpot Thermometer animation alongside it.

That animation is going to give you either a hot or cold reading. A cold reading simply means the jackpots on that slot haven’t been won in quite a while and are currently overdue, and a hot reading means that a slot machine has paid out its jackpots very recently.

How you choose to use that information it of course up to you, for a cold slot may continue to pay out very little or could warm up and start to pay out, whilst a hot slot that being one paying out a lot could continue to do so or may tighten up at any time!

You may also find some casino sites will offer a live RTP indicator, that compares the current payout percentage of the slot to its long term expected RTP, and that is another handy tool for spotting slots that are paying out well or are not paying out as much currently as they have been designed to do!

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