How to Tailor Your Own Slot Playing Experience

The beauty of playing some of the much more modern slot machines is that they tend to offer a range of different option settings that allow you to put into play a much more personalised type of playing experience.

You will of course find that when playing older styled slot machines, such as classic and three reel slots you can play them at your own speed and pace, however in regards to configuring them in many different ways you usually have no options available.

Newer and much more modern slot machines will offer an option setting button, and when clicking on that button a range of different playing options will then become available to you.

One of those player options settings may be a speed play or fast play option. By playing around with that setting you are going to be able to speed up and even slow down the rate at which the reels will spin and stop once you have tapped or clicked onto the spin or start button.

The sound effects are what can make the difference between you having a basic type of playing session or a much more enveloping one, and as such always try and ensure you do have the volume set fairly high when playing a slot as it will add another dimension to your slot playing session for sure!

3D slot machines are also often found at many casino venues and sites, however having played several of them myself the 3D animations have often caused me to feel somewhat queasy and even dizzy, however those types of new slot machines will often allow you to turn on or off those 3D animations and graphics, so keep that in mind!

Bells and whistles are often what players love to have on offer when playing slot machines, and quite a number of slot machines will offer you such a playing option when you set their respective option settings to activate those bells and whistles.

Whilst all slot machines are going to offer you a low, medium or even high variance playing structure, some slots will also give you the option of just which type of variance you wish to have in play during any bonus games such as when you have triggered a set of free games or free spins.

The way they do that is by giving you the option of playing off a small number of free spins with high valued multipliers should you want a higher risk and high variance type of free games bonus round.

If you are quite adverse to risk however when playing such a slot then select the highest number of free spins, but keep in mind the multiplier values in play on that option will be fairly low ones.

It is of course your decision and your decision alone just which slot machines you do play and when, but at the end of the day you will want some enjoyment value and entertainment value out of playing any slot machines you do end up playing, so always check to see if there are any player adjustable option settings and make use of them!

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